Own Full Cycle Production
At Avolux, our dedication to excellence extends from the orchards of Michoacán to the fertile lands of Jalisco, where we carefully oversee every aspect of avocado production. Cultivating the finest Hass avocados, we ensure each fruit embodies the perfect balance of flavour, texture, and nutritional value.
Quality control is paramount from the moment our avocados are handpicked to the final stages of packaging. We spare no effort to uphold the highest standards, meticulously inspecting each avocado to ensure it meets our strict criteria for excellence.

Committed to delivering the finest avocados to our discerning clientele, AVOLUX pursues perfection. From Michoacán to Jalisco and beyond, our dedication to premium quality avocados is persistent.
We specialize in importing Hass avocados from Mexico and serve a diverse range of markets including the USA, UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. We ensure complete control over every stage from cultivation to delivery, building trust with major retailers such as Walmart and Whole Foods and the largest wholesalers in the Middle East like Barakat, Gulf Fruits, and Ali Ghoulami.

We offer a variety of avocados, including Grade 1, Grade 2, conventional, and organic options. Each category is tailored to meet diverse market demands and consumer preferences, ensuring both high quality and sustainability.

Our total sales volume to all markets exceeds 1,000 tons per month. Amounting to over 12,000 tons annually
Our History
Sourcing and Quality Control
Nestled in Mexico's heart, Michoacán and Jalisco orchards epitomize avocado cultivation excellence, blessed with ideal conditions yielding the world's finest fruit.
The Right Climate in Organic Orchards in Mexico
Our packaging and quality control department's meticulous attention to detail ensures each avocado is handled with care and rigorously scrutinized.
Attention to Detail for The Highest Quality